About Us


GYDRO visions to change the lives of Youth towards a positive lifestyle, and get a society in which the Youth are able to facilitate their own development and their communities in general.

Global Youth Development Relief Organization – GYDRO is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization, works with thousands of Youth in urban and rural areas throughout low income nations, and the developing countries. GYDRO strives to create a future where Youth are able to facilitate their own development.

GYDRO works in program areas of Youth Entrepreneurship and Micro financing, promotion of environment and agricultural development, Youth empowerment, capacity building, mentorship, grassroots community mobilization and awareness, technology, lobbying, and research.

GYDRO encourages and strengthens collective social, economic, cultural, and environmental, peace and technological initiatives developed by Youth themselves.

GYDRO strives to remove obstacles to Youth empowerment so that they have sustainable livelihoods and successful living standards.

GYDRO an all Youth inclusive organization, is based in the centre of the largest Youth community and is entirely staffed by Youth members, aiming to assist marginalized and disenfranchised Youth, to help them create and sustain income generating, lead a healthy life, access the benefits of ICT and have a better understanding of their rights as citizens. Unlike most organizations working with Youth, GYDRO enables Youth to come up with their own solutions in open forums, rather than dictating them what to do.

GYDRO was founded in MAY 2020 by a group of Youth intellectuals composed of men and women after releasing the need of the Youth in the development stages so that they can play a greater role in the development of their own communities.


GYDRO Mission is to build a Youth-centered community by first empowering underprivileged Youth through sports, skill- empowerment, education and various extracurricular activities.


GYDRO aims to see Youth community free from illiteracy, poverty and marginalization.


To support Youth undertake their own development.

To unite and empower young people both socially and economically.

To improve the Youth creativity and access to information that can help to a positive transformation.

To create environment that Youth can participate in decision making.

To promote awareness and wellbeing of Youth by working towards promoting gender equality, Youth rights, alleviating poverty,  hunger, abuse,  and violence, through providing economic opportunities, developing life skills, promoting healthy living and holding sporting events, drama acting, debates and training.

To conduct and encourage research on Youth related issues.

To promote environmental awareness,  preservation and agricultural development.

To establish Youth Empowerment and training centres like shared forum facilities for Youth and Community groups, a chance to introduce themselves, reach out and share thoughts, comments, issues, advice and experience with others.







Transparency and Accountability


The GYDRO primary focuses are: 


Humanitarian Emergency Assistance 

✓ Water and Sanitation.

✓ Providing training in Good Governance, Leadership, Conflict resolution and peace building. 

✓ Food distribution.

✓ Agricultural infrastructure and livestock. 

✓ Vocational skills training and create employment opportunities. 

✓ Protection/Human rights/child protection.

✓ Health services.

✓ Youth empowerment and employment.

GYDRO Governance.

GYDRO has a defined structure including the General Assembly, Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The structure determines the chain of command and hierarchy of responsibility within GYDRO.

The general assembly is the highest decision-making organ approving policies and reviewing achievement and plans The Board of directors (B.O.D.) is the planning and policy making body of the organization which controls and approves all activities by the Executive Committee. 

The Executive Director is the head of the executive committee that is responsible for the implementation of the programs and daily management activities.

GYDRO Management Staff.

Gydro has access for all skilled and experienced professionals who have capacity and competence to involve all the desired activities that promote the Goal and Objectives of the Institution.

The professional staff of Management who periodically review their activities to appraise and provide them Human resource development training on the job training and technical assistance to undertake systematically their duties and responsibilities.

Gydro also has technical consultants of Engineering, Designing, and Planning etc.

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